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Recruitment Information & Tips

2020 Formal Recruitment Days:

Days One & Two: Spirit Day

September 9 & 11, 2020

To start off formal recruitment, potential new members will each Panhellenic sorority houses on campus. They will have the opportunity to get to know each individual house by talking to active members of the sorority. After this day, potential new members will begin to decide which ten houses they think they fit with the best.


Day Three: Philanthropy Day

September 12, 2020

Each sorority will present their organization and chapter's philanthropy while PNMs complete a craft with their active member. Following Philanthropy Day, potential new members will narrow down their selection from ten houses to six houses.


Day Four: Values Day

September 13, 2020

Values day gives PNMs the opportunity to tour the houses and learn more about what makes each house so special. They will have the chance to look at the different rooms of the sorority houses as well as get to know more about the sorority. Following Values Day, potential new members narrow down their selection from six houses to two houses.


Day Five: Preference Day

September 15, 2020

Potential new members select 2 houses they wish to return to for Preference Ceremonies. Each sorority has their own unique ceremony that potential new members will participate in. Chapters share a piece of their ritual, along with the history of their chapter. After ceremonies, rushees must go sign their bid cards where they will rank their final 2 houses. 


Day Six: Bid Day

September 16, 2020

Potential new members return to their original recruitment groups to find out which house they have received a bid from. From there the hundreds of girls that go through recruitment run from the MSU campus to join their new house to celebrate BID DAY!

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Tips for Formal Recruitment:

Be Yourself
The girls are looking forward to getting to know YOU, pick the chapter that best matches your personality, don't try to match theirs!

Keep an Open Mind
Dismiss the stereotypes and form your own opinions about chapters and greek life in general.

Get to Know the Chapters
Don't be afraid to ask questions, girls will be more than willing to answer any questions you have!

Try it Out
Even if you're unsure about going Greek, give it a chance, if you decided not to go Greek you have at least had the opportunity to meet new friends!

Go with the Most Comfortable Fit
Remember these are girls you could be living with in the future!

Trust the Process
Sorority recruitment is well thought out in order to give every girl an equal chance to find their perfect house!

Have fun!